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Keeping it Cozy After Christmas

It's always refreshing to put away the Christmas decor and have a blank space to work with, but sometimes it can also feel a little empty. Winter is just beginning and we want to make our homes inviting retreats from the cold. Today I'm sharing a few tips for keeping your home cozy even after the Christmas decor is gone.

If you see something you'd love to add to your home, just tap!

1. Focus on texture

Replace any Christmas themed pillows and throws with neutral, winter colors and go heavy on the texture with knits and other thick, woven materials.

Here's a few favorite pillows I think will work well for winter and other seasons too

Here are a few cozy thows to pair with them including my personal favorite that I've used daily this season (it's electric which is a big plus for me!)

If you like mine, you can use the code "WOOMER4MARIAH" to save 18% on your order!

2. Don't be afraid to keep some hints of Christmas around

There are a lot of ways to easily transition your Christmas decor to winter decor. Anything found in nature can double as winter decor after the holidays. Remove any red other than berries and leave some naked trees around to create a cozy, but not Christmas-y environment.

Here are a few items I think function great as winter and Christmas decor

3. Include lots of warm meals

and drinks

Winter is the time of year I cook and bake the most. It's the quickest way to fill your space with delicious smells and tastes and spread a little love to the people in your home.

Below are some of my favorite things to make during those cold winter months.

4. Fill your home with winter scents

Candles and diffusers might be the first things that come to mind when talking about scents in a home, but don't forget about hand soap. It's a great way to disperse some calming, winter scents throughout your home without even thinking about it.

Here are some go-to winter soap scents

5. Cozy up with a...

We've all said it, we just want to cozy up with a good book. Well here are a few of my favorite design books I love to cozy up with. I enjoy flipping through the pages and getting inspired and I know you will too.

I hope these ideas have helped make your home a little cozier this winter. It can be cold and dreary, but it's also such a beautiful time of year so let's welcome winter and all the natural beauty it brings into our homes.


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