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Making A Comeback

There's one kind of vintage jewelry that I predict is making a comeback and I can't tell you how excited I am to see it happen. I've been a fan of charm bracelets since I was a kid. I begged my parents for one every birthday and Christmas. They're just so whimsical, personal, and, for lack of a better word, charming. I wouldn't say charm bracelets have ever gone out of style, but the trend has ebbed and flowed over time and I think we're about to see a resurgence soon.

Charm bracelets have been around for thousands of years and used to serve as protective talismans to ward off evil. Over the years, charm bracelets became more of a fashion statement than anything else. Styles of charm bracelets have shifted a lot even in modern times from gold, gems, hearts, and lockets in the Victorian era to rounded Pandora charms and Alex & Ani bangle bracelets in more recent years.

Read more about the history of charm bracelets here.

I think the first style most people think of today is a silver or gold linked chain with dangling figurines that became really popular in the mid century. This is the type of charm bracelet I think we'll see a return of soon. If you like the look, you may want to start collecting charms to build your own. If you don't already have one that is.

You can find lots of new or vintage charms via Etsy and shops like Fable, Alex & Ani, or Catbird. But I love finding vintage charms through thrifting and antiquing. I've built most of my bracelets by collecting various charm bracelets from antique shops and adding the charms I wanted to my favorite chain or grouping the charms by theme.

I think it's so fun to collect charms based on a theme. I recently saw an adorable bracelet that was full of bunny charms in all different styles. Charm bracelets can also be centered around places you've traveled or a hobby you have, but my favorites are the seemingly random collections that are totally personal to the wearer.

I love discovering a charm bracelet at an antique shop and getting a glimpse at who it belonged to. Did they travel to a particular city? Were they into baking or maybe fashion? Is that their birthstone? I wonder what the story is behind this charm or that charm? These bracelets have been and continue to be a unique way to showcase your personality in your style so have fun enjoying the return of this classic trend!


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