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Meant To Be

Some thrift finds are undoubtably meant to be. One of these finds came my way just last month in a kind of crazy way and I have to tell you the story of this unbelievably perfect find.

It all started a couple months ago when I'd gotten the idea to start searching for a plate rack for the kitchen. Something wall-mounted or maybe sitting on the counter that would free up some cabinet space and blend function with style. I hadn't told anyone I was looking for one, but about a week later I was talking with my mom and she mentioned she had seen something on Marketplace that made her think of me. She sent over the listing and it was a big, wall-mounted plate rack! For $10!!!

I told her I'd been wanting one and asked if she'd be willing to grab it for me so she messaged the seller, but didn't hear anything back. We later saw it was pending and figured we'd missed out on it. Oh well, this just confirms I really want one and should keep looking, right?

Little did I know, my mom messaged the seller again. He said the first buyer didn't show and asked how quickly she could be there.

My mom had already been planning a visit to Virginia and I knew she was bringing up some of the thrift finds I'd left at her house on previous trips. When she arrived, she told me she had something for me and pulled out the bright red plate rack from her back seat!

I was so surprised and happy that she'd actually gotten the plate rack! It was going to go so well in the kitchen and provide so much extra storage. We immediately spray painted it white and then I carefully painted two coats of the same color I'd done on my kitchen cabinets.

Nathan hung it for me and it totally looks like a natural continuation of our kitchen cabinets. It makes the kitchen feel so cozy and even a little bit bigger and it's re-inspired me to finally finish designing and decorating the kitchen which I've been putting off for about a year. Some thrift finds are just meant to find their way to you and this was absolutely one of those.


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