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Missed Connections

There are several pieces in my closet that I love, but rarely wear. Some I've never worn! But even though I know I don't wear them and I know I probably won't start wearing them any time soon, I can't seem to part with them whenever I'm doing a closet clean out.

Here's a look at some of the most tragic of these missed connections:

Floral Blazer

I found this floral blazer when Nathan and I first got married. It was a little snug, but I did wear it a couple times to work. The thing was, we lived in Florida so it was always too hot to keep on during the day. As time went on, it got a little more snug and it slowly made its way to the back of my closet where it's been ever since. I still really like it although I don't know that it's really "in style" anymore.

Black and White Leopard Print

This dress is so cute and really structured when on which is what I love about it. But it's also what makes this an "in between"/"never quite right" dress. I never have anywhere to wear it! It's always too causal, too dressy, too bold, not colorful enough, etc. etc.

Black Leather Jacket

I absolutely loved this black tweed and faux leather jacket when I found it. I still think it's really cute, but I've never worn it out. I think if it had a straight bottom instead of flared I might feel like I could style it with more things. I always think it's a little too much when I put it on.

Dark Floral Blazer

Yet another floral blazer. Maybe I should make a note to stop buying these... I still think this blazer is cool, but it's not what I want it to be or think it will look like when on.

Champagne Gown

I seem to have a thing for buying formal wear even though I go absolutely nowhere ever. There are so many dresses hanging in my closet that I've never worn outside a dressing room and probably never will. Here's one I most likely will NEVER wear because it looks so bridal. Maybe I could turn it into a cute top and skirt and get some use out of each.

White Lace Skirt

I love this skirt, but I never have anywhere to wear it. It's a little too dressy for most occasions and too bridal for any weddings or showers. I usually find myself thinking "if it was only a different color" or "maybe it would work if it was less full or more flowy, etc."

Maybe I should part with these pieces and let them move on to someone who will love and use them. Maybe I should put more effort into finding a way to style them that works for me. For now, they'll return to the back of the closet awaiting the next closet clean out.


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