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Moody & Coastal

I just changed up my bedding for summer and it inspired me to make another change to my bedroom: restyling my desk. This is one of my favorite and most-used spots in my home and I absolutely love the pieces I've brought into this space, but I really want to have some fun with it and make it a little more coastal for the next few months.

I started by clearing everything off and bringing in some new art. I'm obsessed with this tattered, old painting I thrifted and think it perfectly channels the dark and moody feel I'm going for.

I added a beautiful mirror I recently scored on Facebook Marketplace and then went searching through my home for more moody-coastal elements to incorporate.

I found a set of three rattan clam shells on Marketplace and used one to hold some necklaces. A couple floral arrangements in my favorite summer colors were the perfect way to bring some brightness to the space and tie in the vibrant colors of the rest of the room. Both arrangements are styled in blue pottery that reminds me of waves without being too on-the-nose.

I brought in a little stack of blue books all about ships and shipwrecks as well as a small marble tray and a glass cloche to incorporate a bit of my usual dark academia aesthetic.

Under my desk usually gets cluttered with piles of books and my sewing supplies so I grabbed a couple woven baskets to hide everything and clean up the look.

I'm really happy with the change, it feels fresh and clean and I think it captures the coastal concept I wanted without being too "beachy". Using only a couple literal elements (like the artwork and the shell) and relying on textures and color scheme to convey my idea kept it feeling like my space still.

I think my favorite detail is the floral arrangement under the cloche. I just love that botanical-apothecary style and I think this portrays that in a really polished way. I'll absolutely be searching for more cloches and short vases at the thrift store.


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