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My Favorite Kitchen Purchases

We're a family that really likes to try out new recipes, make things from scratch, and spend a lot of time together in the kitchen. Today I'm rounding up my favorite kitchen-related purchases I've made over the years. Everything I would 100% buy again for my kitchen and think you would love too.

If you see something you want to add to your own kitchen, just tap!

Mixer & Bowl

A pistachio KitchenAid mixer was at the very top of my wedding registry and it's been a favorite in my kitchen since the very start. They have so many gorgeous colors and I love looking at the new ones they come out with, but a subtle pistachio is the color for me.

A couple Christmases ago, Nathan gifted me a beautiful floral bowl to go with it and I'm still obsessed. It looks amazing on my kitchen counter and I always get compliments on it.

Toaster & Tongs

Our last toaster was a Hello Kitty toaster that would burn Hello Kitty's face onto your toast. I'd had it since college and it lasted a LONG time before it started to die. I'm quite proud of finding this replacement toaster because the color is a nearly perfect match to my mixer! (They're not the same brand.) We really wanted something with four slots and I searched so hard for a vintage style that could meet all our modern needs. This is the perfect one for us and my mom even bought one for herself after seeing it!

I also got a set of toaster tongs which have basically changed my life. They're bamboo so obviously safe to stick in a toaster and there's a magnet on the side so you can attach them right to the side of your toaster and never lose them!

Butter Bell

If you've never heard of a butter bell or butter crock, it's an older, French design used for storing butter. Nathan and I used to fight over the butter being kept in the fridge or on the counter and this solved all our marital problems. The butter stays at room temp on the counter so it's spreadable, but is kept fresh because it's sealed with water. Ours holds exactly one stick of butter. It's so simple and so genius and I don't think we'll ever go back.

Pizza Stone

The anniversary gift for six years is iron so for our six year anniversary, I got Nathan this cast iron pizza stone. We do a lot of homemade pizzas and he's usually the one making them. It's a decent size, I love that it came with little holders, and we use it for a lot more than just pizza. When we used it for the first time, there was a noticeable improvement in how the crust baked so it gets five stars from us!

Knives and Drawer Organizer

Our old knife set wasn't cutting it anymore (pun very intended) and I was searching for something with good reviews that would also look nice in our kitchen. I hated having our old, ugly knife block stored on the counter and it was really hard to store other places functionally.

I found two things that solved my problems! A beautiful set of white knives and a knife drawer organizer. The organizer is perfect for us, but we go back and forth a little on the knives if I'm being honest.

Overall, I love them, they work really well, and the price was great. My only thing is that it came with several large knives and I only really need one or two. It also only came with one, short bread knife and we make a lot of bread so I wish I had another or that it was longer. Aside from those small hangups, I'd still recommend this set.

Air Fryer

My dad got me this air fryer for my birthday years ago and we love it and use it a lot. It's not too big or small and is pretty easy to clean. It's perfect for reheating fried leftovers, frozen foods, and it's what we use to cook our vegetarian meatballs.

Marble Serving Trays & Coasters

This set of serving trays and coasters from Williams Sonoma looks so good displayed on my counter and we use them a lot. Perfect sizes for charcuterie boards and the white marble goes with any holiday or occasion. The little gold bees are so pretty and I'm very impressed with the quality.

Williams Sonoma also has matching cheese knives, salad servers, cocktail picks, napkin rings, and a wine chiller that I do not personally own, but think are absolutely gorgeous.

Whipped Cream Dispenser

Homemade whipped cream is the best, but it's a little disappointing not getting that classic whipped cream shame so we bought a whipped cream dispenser to have the best of both worlds! It makes the process so much quicker and easier.

You'll need some N2O cartridges if you get a dispenser like this.

Salt & Pepper Mills

Nathan got these for me this past Christmas and I'm super happy with them. I love the tone of the wood and that you can see inside. They look great and they grind up the salt and pepper really smoothly and super fine!

Popsicle Molds

I bought these popsicle molds as a way to sneakily get Emmitt to eat more fruits and veggies. They are so stinkin' cute and the little paw ones look just like the pawpsicles from Zootopia which is pretty much the main reason I chose them.

The molds are really flexible and I was worried they wouldn't hold up, but they've been fine so far and have gotten a lot of use. You actually have to puncture the stick through a little slot in the mold when you first use it which I wasn't expecting, but it keeps the stick exactly where you need it.

I just blend up some fruit/veggies and a little water, pop them in the freezer, and Emmitt thinks I'm the cool parent for letting him have popsicles for breakfast.


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