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My Favorite Thrift Finds of 2022

The best part of thrifting, by far, is the thrill of the hunt and I'm so thankful I got to share that with you this past year. We found a lot of great things and a lot of... not so great things. But let's focus on the positive and take a look at what I think are my best thrift finds of 2022.

The Butler/Valet Stand

I snagged this beauty for $20 on Marketplace. It's just so cool!! Still need to shine it up a bit.

My Desk and Floor Lamp

I got this desk for Mother's day and gave it a (not so) little makeover. Months later I found this beautiful mauve glass and marble floor lamp on Marketplace. I don't do a lot of purple in my home, but I loved getting to incorporate it in my space with this gorgeous piece.

The Art

So much art, too much to list but you can find some of my favorites here.

Fairy Tale Birds

I picked up Isla's little birds at a thrift shop on a trip to Tennessee. They're the perfect, magical detail for her room!

Blue & White Plates

I started collecting blue and white at the start of the year and found so many good pieces. My favorites made it onto the plate/basket wall, but I still have a few great ones that aren't displayed yet.

Deck Table

I knew the look I wanted for my outdoor space, but wasn't sure I could find the right pieces to pull it all together. Our deck is suspended several stories above the ground and I didn't want to push my luck by filling it with ornate concrete furniture.

This coffee table popped up on my Marketplace and I loved the unique look! It's like a resin or something so it's hollow inside and not too heavy. The best part... it was free!!

Still planning a bunch of changes and additions to this space, but I got a good start on it this year.

Two Plaid Jackets

Not one, but two vintage plaid jackets in addition to a handful of plaid skirts, dresses, blankets, and more.

The Floral Chair(s)

I'm still obsessed with how this chair reupholstery project turned out! I still have its twin to redo which I'll get to...when I get to.

Did I miss any stand-out finds from the year? Let me know if you had any favorites!


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