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My Good Luck Charm

A couple years ago, I was in one of my favorite antique shops with my sister. We both were scoring some really great finds and she spotted this really pretty jade and pearl bracelet. She'd decided to get it and I told her to let me know if she changed her mind because I would buy it if she didn't. At the register she told me I could take it.

I love the organic shape of each stone, the mixing of the green with the white pearls, and the little gold tassels are a cute detail. The overall look of this bracelet is so cool and I've paired it with so many different outfits over the years.

Aside from being pretty, there's a lot of symbolism and lore associated with jade. It's said to bring good fortune, wealth, protection, all kinds of good stuff. Whether that's true or not, this bracelet has become a sort of good luck charm for me. I always seem to come home with amazing hauls and find unbelievable deals whenever I wear it thrifting.

I've even taken it off mid-trip before because I was finding too much stuff! It's most likely coincidental, because the bracelet isn't actual jade (polished chrysoprase), but lucky or not, it's one of my favorite accessories.


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