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My Most Romantic Vintage Find

In honor of Valentines day, I thought I'd share the story of my most romantic vintage find. Technically it's not even my find, it's Nathan's!

It all started in Chattanooga Tennessee. Nathan and I were in school and had been dating long distance for a few years. He was supposed to fly to Tennessee to help me move back home for the end of the semester, but surprised me by coming up a couple days early. As I took the last of my exams, he secretly went around the city setting up a scavenger hunt, hiding a clue basically everywhere we had ever been together in the city.

The next day we packed up my little dorm and set out on the scavenger hunt stopping at places like my favorite restaurants, the aquarium, scenic bridges, parks and, of course, at my favorite antique shop, The Knitting Mill.

This was one of the trickier clues of the hunt because I was set loose in the very large store trying to find something you could look through. Some sort of spyglass, magnifying glass, glasses, binoculars, I didn't know quite what. The store was so large and I was having so much trouble that we had to start a game of Hot or Cold for me to finally find a pair of vintage, folding opera glasses.

I was surprised to find out later that Nathan had written the clue before going to the antique shop rather than writing a clue based on something he'd already found. So the staff had helped him search for something you can look through to fit the clue.

Everyone around the city was so wonderful and helpful with making this scavenger hunt possible, especially those lovely ladies at the antique shop!

The opera glasses have always been a favorite vintage piece of mine because, as I'm sure you probably already guessed, Nathan proposed at the end of the scavenger hunt and they became a reminder of that day.

And they thrifted happily ever after, the end.

There you have it, The story of the most romantic and one of the most meaningful vintage finds in my collection that I didn't even find myself.


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