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My White Whale

Any vintage or antique lover you talk to probably has a few items on their wishlist. Things they've searched for years for, something they'd love to stumble across, or maybe something they did find, but didn't get that they've always regretted.

This summer I was able to check off one of my own wishlist finds and it's finally time to style it in my decor!

I decided several years ago that I wanted a legit cast iron cauldron to add to my halloween decor. I had a specific shape in mind, a general size I was looking for, and a price range I was willing to spend. I'd actually told myself if I found the perfect one and it was a little pricey, (which they tend to be in my area) I would get it and that would be all the money I spent on Halloween that year (aside from candy). Since making that decision, I've only found one "perfect" cauldron but couldn't bring myself to buy it.

It was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. Big enough to cook a child in (maybe even an adult) like a real fairytale witch. It probably wouldn't have even fit in my car! And the shape was gorgeous! The only problem was it was $600 and I couldn't justify spending that on one item for one holiday.

Ok, let's be real. I couldn't figure out a way to justify to Nathan spending $600 on one item for one holiday. She'll forever live in my memory as the one that got away.

I tell you this story so you'll understand the way my thrifty little heart leapt when I walked up to a garage sale one fateful weekend and saw the cutest little cast iron cauldron. Beautiful condition, perfect shape, Not big enough to cook a child, but small enough to easily style in several places for Halloween. I tried to play it cool so I wouldn't draw attention to it and so I wouldn't have to carry around a heavy cauldron while I looked at everything else.

When I went to pay for the rest of my things and casually asked how much the little cauldron at the front was, fully prepared to pay whatever price was about to come out of this woman's mouth as long as it wasn't $600, and she said $2.00....$2.00!!!!!! I tried to remain as calm, cool, and collected as possible as I handed over the money and scurried back to my car snatching up my new cauldron on the way.

I still get so excited about this find. It was such a deal and it had been on my vintage wishlist for so long! It's very satisfying to finally get to style it for Halloween.

Don't give up on your wishlist finds! They're out there, just keep searching!


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