New Year New Closet

The new year is just a few days away and I'm already thinking up resolutions and ways to improve myself and my life. One resolution I'm starting early is decluttering and organizing my wardrobe. It's something that needed to be done for practical reasons, but it's also something I'm doing for myself. I love fashion and I have so many favorite pieces that have special memories attached to them. Recently, those special pieces, my everyday pieces, and items that shouldn't be in my wardrobe anymore had all gotten thrown and stuffed in bins, drawers, suitcases, etc. and my actual closet became so overflowing, I could hardly move the hangers to look through my options. Things needed to change.

I've always had an extensive closet, but in the past, I'd always been good about keeping it organized and not having more clothes than I could manage. The issue started when I was pregnant with my first baby. Rather than periodically purging my wardrobe of things I no longer liked or that were worn out or didn't fit, I started to just pack it all away.

I didn't know what would fit after the baby so I just held on to all my options. When I did start to wear my old clothes again, I was just too preoccupied with first-time-new-mom life to go through it all. Now that baby number two is here, it's time to take stock of what I have, what I need, and what needs to go.

My Method for Closet Purging

Take it in sections

Go drawer by drawer, bin by bin, one end of the closet to the other, etc. This will allow you to take breaks periodically and come back to exactly where you left off and the process wont be so overwhelming.

Make piles

You should have a trash pile for things that are worn out, a donate pile for things you are choosing to part with, but that are still in good shape, and a maybe pile. I revisit my maybe pile when I'm further along in the process and start to feel good about letting things go. It makes it easier to part with the items I know I should.

Get it out!

Once you've finished going through everything, throw the trash pile away and box up the donate pile and put it in your trunk. (AND DONATE IT THAT SAME WEEK!) If you let it sit around your house, you'll probably start pulling things back out of it.

When did you buy it?

One trick I use when I'm having trouble parting with things is thinking of when I bought a specific article of clothing. If it was more than four years ago, I try to objectively consider if it's still in style. This keeps my wardrobe from becoming too large or dated. It's totally fine to have older items in your wardrobe and I do keep things that are more than four, five, ten years old. Just make sure each item in your wardrobe is there because you've decided it deserves a place there.

Would you buy it again?

Another trick I use is asking myself, "If I saw this specific shirt, dress, etc. in a store, would I buy it?" If you wouldn't purchase said item again, it probably doesn't belong in your closet anymore.

Purge Periodically

Going through your closet often will help keep everything organized and manageable. If I go on a shopping spree and add a decent amount of new things to my wardrobe, I'll quickly look through and take out a few older pieces. When I switch o