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No-Sitter Date Night

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought I'd share a favorite date night idea of Nathan and myself. We don't live close to family and still consider ourselves new in town so we're often without a sitter. Rather than go without dates, we've decided to get creative with them! Even though these dates aren't anything fancy or extravagant, we love them and have found ways to make them extra special. It helps that we're very much homebodies and don't mind staying in! Our favorite staying-in date is a movie night. But we don't just pop some popcorn and turn on Netflix, we go all out.

The first step in this all-out movie night is stopping by Target (or wherever) to pick up some supplies. Split up in the store and pick out a pair of pajamas and some movie snacks for the other person. We usually go with a couple little boxes of candy, some popcorn, and maybe some soda and we like to hide our pj and snack selections from each other as best we can so it's a surprise later. Next is picking the movie. You can choose something you've both been wanting to see or an old favorite or you can go the same route as the pjs and snacks and each select a movie you think the other person would enjoy seeing and make it a double feature!

If junk food isn't your thing, you can make something special and out of the ordinary instead! Some options Nathan and I have gone with in the past include homemade pizza, pretzel bites and beer cheese, nachos, s'mores bars, pancakes for dinner, etc. It's fun to cook together and you have something delicious to enjoy during your movie!

Lastly, we put our little guy down for an early bedtime and pull out our movie supplies. Bonus: If you were able to keep your purchases secret, it's like a fun little present for each other! Movie nights are a pretty common at-home date night, but the element of surprise along with new goodies and going the extra mile with the snacks takes it up a notch. Shopping for the other person and picking out things you think they'd enjoy is a pretty fun part of the date as well!

Now hop into your new pjs, set up your snacks, pop in the movie, and enjoy a fun date-night-in, no sitter necessary!

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