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Nursery Tour

In my last post, I gave you a little peek at the whimsical, vintage decor I've been putting together in Isla's nursery. And then I realized I've never shown the rest of her nursery! She's 9 months old and I still haven't done a nursery reveal. Granted, it's been a work-in-progress for a long time and is still unfinished, but it feels like it's time. So here it is! The long-awaited nursery tour!

Like I said, I went for a fairytale, storybook, but not too cutesy look for her room. It's the smallest bedroom in the house and I feel a little guilty about that (even though she's a baby and doesn't know any better) so I'm feeling extra pressure to make this room super cool and extra beautiful. I'll take you through all the details of this special space below and update this post as our progress continues.

The Crib

Let's start with the crib. If you've been with me awhile, you may recognize this crib from Emmitt's nursery. I looked and looked for a Jenny Lind style crib when I was pregnant with him but they were all pretty pricey. While traveling with my mom I happened to find the perfect crib near my grandparents' house listed for $10!!! AND they delivered! (Not to my house in Virginia, but to my grandparents' house. Then we were able to somehow fit the whole thing in my mom's car for the long drive home from Wisconsin. It was quite the feat!) It is such a special find to me and I'm still so proud of scoring my dream crib for 10 bucks!

I found the crib skirt and bedding on Amazon. I had a tough time choosing a color/pattern and took a leap of faith with this coral-y orange sheet. I love a lot and think it really warms up the space. I always recommend either adding a drawer or baskets under a crib for extra storage or hiding any loosely stored items with a crib skirt. You can seriously never have enough storage space in a nursery and it's great when you can combine style and function. My baskets are both thrift finds.

Wall Art

The birds above Isla's headboard were found on Facebook Marketplace. They actually go with my gold branches hanging in my living room! I think it gives the space that fairytale, helpful woodland creature vibe and tie in a couple other gold items I have throughout the space. Cribs always seem to be styled length-wise and I liked that this detail gives the illusion that the crib has a head like a twin-sized bed would.

One of my favorite vintage art finds of all time is in this room. I thrifted this embroidered piece for $8! It has the most beautiful colors and detailed stitching and actually has a little note on the back about its story. It was made in the 70's in Italy as a gift for a woman's grandchildren and passed down through the family. I absolutely adore this piece and love that it works so well in this nursery.

The Rug

This gorgeous rug is the latest addition to the nursery and it has turned this space into the place to be at our house. It's from Levtex Baby is the softest rug I have ever felt (no joke, it feels like a stuffed animal!) which makes it perfect for Isla to crawl around and explore her room. I can't tell you how many times I've found Nathan and the kids chilling in the nursery playing on this rug. And the colors are just beautiful! It really brightens up the space and makes the room feel so much cozier.

The Curtains

I always got comments and questions about these curtains when they hung in Emmitt's room. They're a thrift find/DIY/decor hack I'm really proud of because they turned out so well! It's actually a king-size duvet cover I found at Goodwill. I loved the pattern so much and it was only about $4 so I grabbed it. I hung it up with alligator clips and had the perfect set of curtains! They hang a little lower at this house than they did at the apartment so they're a little long, but I love billowy, draping curtains so it's fine with me. I'd still love to use this duvet cover on my bed someday, but I love it too much the way it is to change it.

The Changing Table

If you want all the details on the changing table and the DIY's involved in this corner of the room, you can check out my post here. We use a beautiful teal credenza as our changing table and for additional storage.

The bird mobile above is another piece from Emmitt's old nursery that I changed up to match Isla's room. The flying ship is one of my favorite additions to the nursery. I found the ship a couple years ago on Facebook Marketplace for $5, but hadn't used it much in my decor lately. I painted it all white, added a couple gold details, and Nathan strung it up for me.

Other Details

This room is full of tiny, special details I love. One of which is the up-cycled wall hooks and "Be Kind" letters which you may have seen if you follow me in Instagram.

Another decor detail I have big plans for is a faux mantel I'm working on. It's the frame from an old vanity mirror I got from a little shop I used to work at. I've used it as a faux mantel before and have left it empty, but this room has an unfortunately placed wall outlet right where I want that mantel to be. My plan is to give the frame a back and cover it with book pages to go with the storybook theme in this space. I've been keeping my eye out at thrift shops for the perfect book to repurpose for this project. I'm hoping for something with pretty illustrations and I hope I find it soon!

There's a couple other projects on my list for this room and I'm so excited to get started on them and finish this space! It's come together even better than I had hoped and is turning into a space the whole family enjoys spending time in. Until Isla puts up a "keep out" sign, that's where we'll be!


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