Peppermint Bark Hot Chocolate

All winter I’ve been experimenting with hot chocolate recipes trying to come up with something festive and delicious, but also unique and I think I've finally concocted a tasty drink that's just the right amount of different!

After a few mediocre cocoas and one failure, that was too chocolaty to even drink, I got to thinking about my favorite Christmas treats and what I like most about them. One of my absolute favorite holiday goodies is peppermint bark. It’s the perfect blend of white and dark chocolate with just enough peppermint to make it festive, but not so much that you feel like you just brushed your teeth! So why not make peppermint bark hot chocolate??! After a little trial and error, I was finally able to come up with a recipe that I feel captures the flavors of peppermint bark without going overboard. And it's super simple to make!

***This recipe makes one mug of hot chocolate so just do the math for however many mugs you want.

Warm about a cup of milk and stir in a half cup white chocolate, then add your dark chocolate to taste. I say to taste because measurements for the dark chocolate may vary based on what form of chocolate you're using. If you're using a chocolate bar, I'd do about four squares, if you're using chips I'd toss in a small hand-full. If the dark chocolate is your favorite part of peppermint bark, go for it! Add all the chocolate! It really depends on your preferences, but I personally went with four pieces of dark chocolate.

Add a peppermint stick or candy cane to your drink while you're melting/stirring in the chocolates so it has time to melt a little and give you a great peppermint taste throughout your drink. Stir in a tiny drop of vanilla extract and your peppermint bark hot chocolate is ready to be enjoyed! Don't forget the marshmallows!