Picking the Perfect Fall Pillows

What's the coziest thing about fall? The warm drinks? The cute scarves and gloves? The deliciously scented candles? Nope. It's all those comfy, cozy throw blankets and pillows! The fall season brings the best selection of throw pillows in my opinion and I'm going to give you some tips for combining the right ones that will compliment each other and the rest of your decor for the ultimate cozy look.

Fall is all about exaggerated textures, rich colors, and fun patterns so that's what you want to focus on. I'll be demonstrating some of my points using my official selection of pillows for the season, but there are so many different ways and looks you can apply these tips to to create a beautifully curated space in your home.

On my couch, I'm using pillows from Levtex Home including their Fallon pillows, Camden pillows, and Thatch Buffalo Check pillow.


Opt for chunky knits, faux leather or suede, and fabrics like linen or velvet. If you can tell what the pillow is going to feel like just by looking at it, you're doing it right. If you like to stick to a more neutral color pallet, play up the texture and try to vary the shades of neutrals you use to create some dimension.

On this side of my couch, I kept it neutral and chose a light gray Fallon pillow with a small knit paired with a white, chunky knit Camden pillow. I added a plaid blanket with a lot of brown and red tones to tie in the warmer beige of my couch, but you could easily keep the lighter neutral look going with a white or gray blanket in a knit or even a faux fur.


Rich, warm, fall colors are my favorite and I love to incorporate mustard yellows and burnt oranges in my fall decor. This year, I'm going for a moodier look and sticking to collegiate colors. Think emerald, navy, and burgundy. I like to really go for it when I use color in my home, but I'm also very careful with the amount of color I use and its placement because I want it to make a big impact on my space. I think a few select color placements make a bigger statement in a space. You can see in my living room, everything is pretty neutral except for a few pops of green seen in my artwork, plants, and that gorgeous plaid pillow and a couple pops of deep red within my plaid pillow and blanket and again in my artwork. This really makes my colors noticeable even thought I only used them in a couple spots.