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Pulling Off The Monochromatic Look

My husband once told me he thinks monochromatic outfits are boring. So now every time I'm dressed in one color, I ask him if my outfit looks alright and when he says yes (as he should), I ask him if he's sure it's not too boring just to give him a hard time.

Monochromatic outfits aren't boring, but there is a technique to doing them well. A perfectly orchestrated monochromatic outfit can be harder to coordinate than you'd think and to work, each aspect of the outfit has to be completely intentional.

Here are a few pointers for piecing together a great monochromatic look that is anything but boring.

Incorporate texture

If you're just starting with monochromatic styling, it might be easiest to experiment with neutrals first. All black, all white, all gray, etc. Be sure to include various textures with the pieces you choose to maintain visual interest.

Vary hues

Everything does not need to be the exact same color to be monochromatic. That can be very difficult to do and can result in a less-than-spectacular final look when not done precisely. Vary shades and hues of the color you're working with to make it easier on yourself and add some dimension to your outfit.

Mix patterns

It can be really fun to mix and match patterns while maintaining the same color throughout. Get creative and play around with what you have. You just might end up with a look you love that you never would've tried before.

Every detail matters

There's nothing I love more than seeing an outfit that is so well thought-out and executed that even the lip and nail colors match exactly. OR when small details like makeup colors or accessories like shoes and bags are used to starkly contrast a look and add an element of surprise.

Layer up

An easy way to make an outfit look intentionally curated is by adding layers. A jacket, tights, a hair accessory, bold jewelry, etc. Effortlessly-chic styles are classic, but there's nothing wrong with being more obvious about the effort you put into your look.

Choose a color that flatters you

If you really want to pull off and feel confident in a bold, monochromatic outfit, choose to work with a color that flatters you and that you feel great in. An all Barbie-pink outfit might be fun to put together and might look super cute on someone else, but I'm not going to feel very "me" in it because it's a color I rarely wear and don't think looks best on me.

Go bold or go home

I think there is always an element of intentionality and boldness to monochromatic styles. This is your opportunity to play it up and be a little adventurous!

I really hope these tips inspire you to experiment with some new looks and I would love to see what you come up with if you decide to share on social media so please tag me if you do!


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