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Rating Ridiculous Things I've Thrifted

For every amazing find at the thrift shop, there's at least 20 unbelievably weird and just downright ridiculous things you have to dig through. I buy both.

Ok, not intentionally and not regularly, but I have bought some pretty strange things that I really had no good explanation for when I got home.

Let's take a look at a few of the most ridiculous things I've purchased and rate them.

Light-Up Christmas Jumper

I tried this on just for fun. But how many times have I said that before and ended up loving whatever it was? (A lot. A lot of times.) This Christmas jumper was surprisingly cute AND lit up! With multiple settings!!! You can see the moment I knew I would be taking this absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary gem home.

10/10 Would buy again and can't wait for December.

Terrarium Cloche

I don't exactly know what this is or why this is...I didn't have a plan for it when I bought it, but thought it was kind of cool. I dislike it more and more every time I see it. It's cool for someone's home, but not mine.

2/10 Wish I could return it.


I'm pro-faux fruit for decorating as long as it's realistic and when I found a bag of faux bagels, they went straight into my cart. They are THE most realistic faux food I've ever seen and are strangely heavy. I wouldn't be surprised if these are real bagels that someone found a way to preserve for eternity.

9/10 I think they give the kitchen a homey, lived-in vibe without having to worry about the food going bad.

Vintage Cookie Jar

When I shop stressed, I make some pretty poor decisions. This cookie jar was one of those decisions. It's a nice color and the animals are cute. The jar is from the 40's, but the lid isn't original. I have no use for it, but TikTok suggested I use it as a planter and I do like it a lot more styled this way.

4/10 Wish I hadn't bought it, but it's pretty cute.

Beer Sign

I have no explanation or excuse to offer for this one. This is not my aesthetic, I'm not a beer drinker, and the sign itself is crooked.

-1/10 So many regrets, so much shame.

Formal Dresses

I've always loved dressing up. The only problem with that is I never have anywhere to go that matches the level of formal I like to shop for. So I try it on, I fall in love, I buy the dress, it goes in the closet, and the process repeats. Here's a couple examples:

Floor-Length Champaign

I LOVE this dress! But because of the color (which I also love) it can easily come across as too bridal which severely limits the events this dress can go to. Maybe I should dye it or shorten it, but I'm not ready to make decisions on any alterations yet.

7/10 Beautiful, but not practical.

Brown Beaded

I bought this dress when fitting rooms were still closed at thrift shops, but I'm a sucker for beading so home with me it came! I do love the colors and I think it looks amazing, but it's SO formal and the length (or lack-thereof) makes it difficult to maneuver in.

6/10 I'd buy it again, but it makes me sad that I might never wear it anywhere myself.

Flowy Floral Dress

This dress is pretty and fun, but I haven't worn it yet. I don't think it's "me" and it's also a little big.

4/10 It should've been someone else's find.

White Ruffle Top

I bought this shirt while I was very pregnant and shopping with my mom. She convinced me it would look so good after I had the baby. I do think it looks cute, but I haven't been confident enough to wear it. It's a lot of ruffles.

6/10 Maybe someday I'll go for it.

Sewing Projects

I've purchased many sewing projects. I've completed only a couple sewing projects. I really thought I could do something with this NWT beaded 80's dress, but now I have zero ideas and doubt I even have the technique to execute any idea I might've had. One cool thing about this dress was that it was originally over $200 and I got it for about $4.

3/10 Because it's beaded and came with original tags.

20+ Clipboards

On a trip to Florida, I purchased about 20 clipboards and had to find a way to fly them home with me and then explain to the husband why my suitcase was full of clipboards.

20/10 Possibly my greatest thrift purchase.

Gold Christmas Tree

The week before Christmas, I spotted a sparkly, gold Christmas tree at Goodwill. It was either $50 or $25 (can't remember if it was marked down yet) and I somehow convinced Nathan to transport it home for me. Glitter was EVERYWHERE. Did I mention we weren't even spending Christmas at home that year? We left a couple days later for Wisconsin.

9/10 I love my gold Christmas tree. It's very "me" and gives all the "merry and bright" vibes. The only reason it didn't get a 10 is because last year the lights started burning out and they've been a pain to fix/replace. Also, it still gets glitter all over the place.


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