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Revisiting My 2022 Trend Predictions

At the end of last year, I released a series of trend predictions for 2022. Styles I thought would become really big over the next year. Let's take a moment to revisit what I said and see how accurate those predictions were.

What I Said Would Be In:


I think traditional decor became the base layer of a lot of decor styles this past year taking the place of "modern". In previous years, top trends were things like modern-farmhouse, modern-vintage, organic-modern, etc. The base layer of a space was filled with black metals, hard angles, often an industrial look, and very sleek lines. While these styles aren't "out", when I flip through magazines or scroll through Pinterest now, I'm seeing softer lines, warmer neutral colors, and styles that would fall under "traditional". We don't throw the traditional label on everything like we did with modern, but I think it's there as the initial layer of a room that we then fill with our personal style.

French Country

I still love this style and I always love to see it. French styles I saw during 2022 leaned more towards French Vintage than French Country. A lot of ornate gold accents and beautifully intricate French patterns in fabrics and linens. Not the casual, earthy look I predicted, but gorgeous and another favorite nonetheless.

Shabby Chic

I'm gonna make a re-prediction with this one and say I was too ahead of the game. I'm still holding out hope that a more masculine version of shabby chic will rise up in the coming years. Maybe I'm too optimistic and just really want to see this trend, BUT I'm convinced I see hints of this classic, feminine style in stores already and I think it's only the beginning.

What I Said Was On Its Way Out:


I stand by this prediction that we are done with the farmhouse look. (At least those of us who don't live in actual farmhouses.) While it still looks nice, it does date a home at this point. Even the very brand who can be credited with the farmhouse craze that has swept the nation for the last decade (Magnolia) isn't decorating in that style anymore.


I could go either way on this one. I think people were (and still are) eager to fill their homes with color and personality, but I also think many of us are trying to be very intentional and mindful about what things earn a spot in our homes. The end result being a decluttered space that still feels lived in.

White Accents

I predicted white accents would be swapped for black. I do think trends have shifted toward a darker, moodier look, but this has come with a lot of beautiful dark greens and blues and bold color in general, not just black. I've done a lot of gold accents in my home this past year and hardly any black.

Fast Furniture

Thrifting and vintage styles continue to rise in popularity and with the state of the economy and the uncertainty of the future, I think more and more people are moving away from fast furniture purchases and towards more sustainable and affordable secondhand options that will last them longer.

Cute Boho

I think the cute, bubbly, pink and tan boho look is absolutely a thing of the past and I'll take it one step further. I think Boho in general is on it's way out in 2023. The macrame, bamboo, pampas grass combo has been overdone and I think it's the next style people will be "over". It's up there with Farmhouse where if you aren't actually living that lifestyle and/or in that setting, it's starting to look out of place and date your space.

What do you think? Did these trend predictions hold up or was I completely off? Do you agree with my reassessments?

As for my 2023 trend predictions... you'll have to wait for the January issue next month!


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