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Saving Thrift Store Flowers

Ever since thrifting an old Martha Stewart Christmas book awhile back, I'd come to the conclusion that my Christmas decor needed to include red amaryllises. Faux, obviously, because I'm terrible at keeping plants alive. I quickly ran into a little problem: faux amaryllises are very expensive and very hard to come by if you're looking for them to have a bulb which I absolutely was.

I kept my eye out at thrift stores for floral arrangements that might have a bulb that I could repurpose with an amaryllis stem, but ended up finding exactly what I needed. A very dusty, very old arrangement that would be perfect if I could clean it up a bit.

I thrifted this while visiting my mom in Florida so she helped me remove them from the old vase (chiseling at times to get them free) and I washed them and laid them out to dry. They looked so much better, although a little weathered. Now they just had to make it through the plane ride home.

Once home, I reshaped them and made some repairs with a little hot glue. Then I found some leftover floral foam and glued it to the bottom of a beautiful, large pot I'd thrifted years ago.

I was going to put moss around them, but filled the pot with dirt first and the minimal look grew on me so I just left it this way.

One regret I have is not hollowing out space for my bulbs to sit lower in the dirt, but it's ok for now. Maybe next year I'll make some adjustments to my arrangement.

I styled my new blooms with a gold amaryllis I bought a few years ago from Anthropologie, a framed tulip in a similar color that I thrifted, and a large white bird cage that used to be my mom's. I've been changing up my Christmas theme and this little corner completely captures the feel and look I want to bring to the rest of my home this holiday season.


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