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Secondhand Sofas I'd Kill For

I love my sofa, I truly do. BUT... I'd be lying if I said I never think about changing it out for some gorgeous, unique, vintage piece. I don't want to subject an innocent antique to my crazy toddlers so for now, my trusty chesterfield sofa will remain. But that doesn't mean I can't dream in the meantime. Here are a number of sofas I've found on Facebook Marketplace and in vintage and antique shops recently that have made me seriously consider replacing my couch.

This Mid-Century Davenport was listed for $381 on Marketplace. Classic stripes, cozy velvet, and those yellows are everything for me.

This entire set from the 1930's was listed for $700. Again with the velvet and I adore a tufted couch.

I spotted this couch in a vintage shop. I know it's bold, I know it'd be tricky to style around, but I will never get over that amazing fabric!

I found not one, but TWO gingham-toile sofas on Marketplace this month! $495 for the blue, $200 for the red. I can't decide which I like more. Almost wish I could combine the two.

This mid-century piece is so stinkin' cool! I love the mix of textures and shades of greens.

These two sofas are so gorgeously elegant. Top was listed for $350 and then marked down to $199. I don't know the price of the one below, but that's probably the one I'd pick between the two.

While I wouldn't choose it for my own home, I can fully appreciate the beautiful floral pattern and vibrant green of this vintage couch. ($275 on Marketplace)

I adore this blue gingham couch currently at one of my favorite thrift shops. The scalloped top and the gathering and pleating on the front are grandmillenial perfection. I think it's $175 and I think about going back for it a lot...

It's a big statement piece, but I would love to design a space around this plaid couch.

I'm not ready to change up my sofa just yet, but it's so much fun to daydream about what could be and how I would design a room with each of these stunning pieces. And who knows, maybe I will go back for that blue gingham.

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03 de ago. de 2022

Lol, some of these are very bold, but I know you'd make them gorgeous and then all of us would want to copy you! 😂

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