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Simple & Elegant Christmas Tree

We added a new Christmas tree to our home this year and I've gotten so many sweet comments on it so I wanted to share all the details. My favorite thing about this tree is how simple it is. It wasn't a chore to decorate, the decorations didn't cost an arm and a leg, for me it's a reminder that magic is in the simple little things when it comes to Christmas.

If you see something you'd like to add to your tree this year, just tap the picture to shop.

The Tree

I wanted an understated, natural tree for this cozy corner of the bedroom and this 6' King of Christmas King Noble Fir was the perfect choice. It let my ornaments shine through and less branches meant less fluffing which I'm all for!

Here are a few favorite bare Christmas trees I'm loving this year.

The Lights

Vintage style lights with big white bulbs were a must for my tree. They take up lots of visual space and fill my little tree with light. These have a lot of different settings. too which is fun to play around with and set to music.

I used one strand of these lights to cover the whole tree.

The Ornaments

My ornaments are very special to me because they were gifted to me as a goodbye present by a former boss. This tree was the perfect place to display them and I love the contrast of the distressed white against the green tree.

I used pink and orange ribbon to attach them to give a finished, elegant look and play off the color of my dried oranges.

Here are a couple ornaments and ribbon choices similar to what I used.

The Extras

I am very particular about tree toppers and this year I found two that I love! (I'll share the one I'm using on my main tree soon.) How perfect is this golden deer?? I love the movement of the deer and the floral branch and it fits so perfectly with the rest of the deer decor I have placed throughout the bedroom.

My tree skirt and matching stockings are from Target, but I've had them for a few years so below are some similar styles that are currently available.


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