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Spring Table Inspiration & A Funny Story

Funny story first:

I was going to create an entire tablescape for this post because it's something I haven't done in awhile and that I miss. I had the full picture in my head and was even going to incorporate an interesting, overhead shot for some TikTok and Instagram content.

But alas, as I was setting up my camera gear above the table, I bumped my newly finished chandelier (yes, the one I just shared last week) and it came crashing down! Ok, it didn't crash, but it did dramatically swing down sending lampshades flying. Don't worry, the only casualty was a lightbulb and Nathan rehung it for me more securely that afternoon.

This little fiasco did throw off my content creation plans, but I made due, scooted my table to the side, and put together just one place setting instead of a fully decorated table. Maybe next time I'll be able to set the table without breaking anything, but for now, this is all the spring table inspiration I'll be sending your way.

Almost every piece on this table (including the table itself and the chair) is thrifted or from Facebook Marketplace which I'm pretty proud of. I I started by folding a linen placemat to add an extra layer to this look. (My table is small and round so just laying out the placemats would've crowded things.) I found the set of placemats on Marketplace years ago and actually haven't used them until now!

My favorite thing to do to elevate a tablescape is layer mismatched plates. I think it adds a little more interest than a matching set and it's an easy way to make every tablescape a little different from the last.

The silverware and tall glass are two non-thrifted items, but the little glass with the white detail was found at a garage sale. I almost didn't buy the set because I have so many glass sets, but they were too cute to leave behind and I'm so glad I didn't!

Lastly, I added some faux tulips (a gift from my mom) in a pretty basket I snagged at Goodwill a couple years ago. Does that chandelier look a little low to you??

Even though this isn't the full tablescape I dreamed up in my head, it was fun to throw together and it gave me a little inspiration for spring and Easter. I love the subtle pops of color and will be recreating this look for our Easter celebration next week.


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