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Styling Vintage Dior

Nathan's always down to thrift with me, but is rarely the one to suggest the trip. He randomly really wanted to go and I'm not one to turn down a thrift trip so off we went. I was trying to be good and only get a few things so I totally avoided looking at the clothes. He noticed and told me I should check it out because we had tons of time.

I'm so glad he did because I found a couple amazing vintage brands that I rarely see in my thrift shops! I came home with a few plaid Pendleton skirts that I can't wait to bring out this fall, but the real star of this haul was a crimson Christian Dior suit that we're going to style together today.

I don't know the exact year this suit was made, but my guess is 80's or early 90's and this is how I imagine I would've styled it back then.

Together, I think this skirt and blazer set is definitely dated. However, styled separately they create a stylish, modern-vintage look that shows just how timeless some designers can be.

The blazer is pretty oversized on me, but I think it works. The skirt fits surprisingly well so I'm not sure if this set was altered at some point in the past or if this was the intended look.

Let's start with the skirt. I first paired it with a yellow, silk blouse and a pair of deep blue chandelier earrings (not visible in the pictures). I really wanted to play up the bold color of the skirt by pairing it with other rich jewel tones. I could definitely see myself wearing this look, but maybe with a more colorful pair of shoes.

I wanted to have more than one look for this skirt, but everything I came up was too similar to the yellow blouse outfit. I spotted this cozy, Ralph Lauren sweater across the room and tried it just for fun, but ended up really loving it. It's a super comfortable outfit that I could totally see myself in during the fall.

The blazer is, unsurprisingly, much more versatile than the skirt and inspired quite a few looks. It actually went really well with what I was already wearing this day so I included that look in the list too!

Onto the more planned outfits. I think any little black dress under an oversized blazer is a classic look. I'd probably throw some black tights on if I was actually going out in this, but cute either way.

I would've loved to style the blazer with a pair of jeans for a casual look, but didn't love any of my jeans with it. I went with black pants instead and a graphic tee that picks up on the burgundy of the blazer. This was by far the comfiest look of the day.

Lastly, I wanted to try it out with a skirt so I chose this Zara skirt I've had forever that had all the right colors. It's not my favorite look, but I do think it's cute. Maybe I'd like it better with a different top underneath.

Thank you so much for styling this vintage Dior suit with me today! I was so excited to find this set and it was really fun to set aside time for some fashion experimentation and discover some pairings I might not have tried otherwise.


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