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The Clipboard Wall

My clipboard wall is something I get a lot of questions and comments about. I've even had a couple friends recreate it in their own homes which is just so cool! There's also a pretty good story behind this unique wall and I thought I'd share it with you today.

This is a great example of when a design dream is totally meant to be. Several years ago, I was decorating an office space for Nathan in our apartment and an idea popped into my head. I thought it would be really cool to hang a few clipboards on the wall as a functional decor. Only I didn't have any clipboards and I wasn't serious enough about the idea to just order a pack so I moved on.

Last spring I took a solo trip (my first since having kids!) and flew down to visit my mom and sisters in Florida. We, of course, went thrifting and on our very first stop, I found myself in an office supply aisle coming across clipboard after clipboard all distressed to perfection. I immediately knew that clipboard wall from all those years ago was meant to be and meant to happen now so I bought them all. I didn't care how I was going to get them home, this was a clear sign from the thrift gods that I was not about to ignore.

A couple days later we were at a garage sale and I found even more clipboards! If I didn't know I was on a divine decor mission before, I sure did now! I ended up with 20 clipboards total in varying styles, colors, and sizes. Now I just needed to fit them in my suitcase along with all my other thrifted treasures from the trip.

I had packed really light anticipating that I would do some shopping, but it wasn't enough. My amazing sister ended up graciously lending me her huge suitcase and I still was having to cram things in. When I got to the airport and checked my bag, It was unsurprisingly overweight. The desk agents were SO so sweet and let me move things around to my carryon. They told me if I could get it down to 5 lbs over, they'd let it slide. I did it and was on my way home!

Now to find a way to explain to my husband why my suitcase is full of clipboards...

I think Nathan's gotten pretty used to my more unconventional design projects over the years. He shook his head and sighed a few times, but mostly kept his mouth shut. Interestingly enough, as time went on and we were getting ready to put this wall together, he tried to convince me to hang it in his office instead! So I guess the crazy clipboard lady wasn't so crazy after all was she, Nathan??

I gotta give him credit, he's the one who hung all of these for me and I'm very grateful. If there's ever a part of a decor project that involves a lot of precision or math and measuring, he's my guy and he hung this wall so beautifully! To hang the clipboards, we just hooked the back of the clip onto a nail.

I'd love to find about 10 more clipboards and extend this wall on both sides and down around the bench, but I probably won't do it unless the thrift gods tell me to.

We also have plans to eventually install a door exactly where these clipboards are so the wall isn't totally permanent, but I do intend to replicate it somewhere else in the house. Maybe in Nathan's office since he likes it so much.

I love how I currently have it styled with botanical art and paintings torn out of books. I've had friends style theirs with their children's art which is absolutely precious. In the future, I'd love to collect and display vintage holiday cards, maybe sheet music, large fabric pieces, family photos, pressed flowers, who knows what else! It's a perfect way to show off a collection and have it look nice and uniform.


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