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The Detail Your Kitchen Is Missing

I come across beautiful, miniature picture frames and tiny artwork all the time at the thrift store, but usually pass it up because I never know where to style it in my home. That is until I saw a DIY from Pretty in the Pines recently. She attached magnets to the back of a set of small frames and added them to her fridge. It was such a pretty and unique touch and I instantly knew I wanted to recreate it myself.

My mom gave me this little set of matching frames and I found the larger one at a thrift shop. I think they'll be just perfect in my kitchen so let's turn them into magnets!

I ordered this set of really strong magnets off Amazon and attached a couple to the back of each frame. I used gorilla hot glue at first, but redid them with super glue because the magnets were a little too strong.

I'm a bit obsessed with this DIY because I love finding ways to make functional things fit with my decor style. I'll absolutely be watching for tiny frames at the thrift shop to make more and hopefully can create some really cute ones for Halloween and Christmas!


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