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The Fairytale Bedroom Tour

My biggest inspiration lately has been Isla's room. It's always a fun space to work in with all its whimsical touches, bold colors, and romantic patterns. I've added a number of fun details to this room lately so let's go through the space and take a look at some favorites.

The Big-Girl Bed

Isla recently moved out of her crib into this beautiful iron bed that was mine while I was growing up. I loved this piece when I was younger and I love that it gets to continue its life in my home.

The Vintage Quilt

When I spotted this quilt on Facebook Marketplace, I knew I had to have it. I'd been thinking up ways to create a bed inspired by the Princess and the Pea and the patchwork style completely fit what I was envisioning. The colors are beyond perfect and it's such a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece. You can feel all the love that went into making this quilt all those years ago.

Watch the "unboxing" of the quilt here.

The Thrifted Pillows

I love the pillows I was able to find for this room. A bit more of the patchwork style and a really pretty, textured, green one. I have several more pillows collected for a reading corner I want to make in this space in the future.

The Gallery Wall

This wall needed some sprucing up and I just so happened to find the majority of the frames on the same thrift trip! I love the pink frames, the floral scenes, and that the flying ship can still be a part of this room. It's still giving lots of Peter Pan vibes flying over her dollhouse.

Watch the gallery wall come together here.

The Dragons

I gave these dragon bookends and dragon skull a makeover recently. The bookends were Nathan's when he was younger and the skull came from the Halloween section of HomeGoods. They're such a cool detail and perfect for a more grown-up, warrior princess room.

See more of this makeover here.

The Desk

Isla loves to color so for her birthday last year, I made her a desk that would match her space. I found all the pieces on Facebook Marketplace and used paints I had leftover from this room and other projects. It's just the right size for her and she loves "working" and playing at her desk.

The Crown Canopy

An all-time favorite project of mine. Read all about this thrifted DIY here or watch it here. I love how the floral pattern mismatches with the rest of her bedding and those little gold birds pulling the canopy open and carrying her picture frames are still a favorite find of mine.

The Bedskirt

This bed has great under-bed storage, but it's not the prettiest thing to look at. I made this bedskirt out of thrifted curtains and hung them with a curtain rod so they can slide open and shut for access to all the toys and books kept under her bed. I kind of made this project up as I went along and it was really fun to see it come together when I was done.

Watch the process here.

The Wallpaper

It's hard to imagine this room without the amazing botanical wall. It's been a little more than a year since I hung this paper from Photowall (it's the Pastel Jacobean Floral I pattern) and I love it just as much now as I did then!

Watch the transformation here.

The Mouse Door

A commenter on TikTok actually suggested this addition. You can watch how I made this little fairy door and painted it to match her real doors here. The kids quickly decided it was a mouse door, not a fairy door, so I put a couple little iron mice I had in front of it.

I don't want to say it, but I feel like we're so so close to finishing this space! I don't consider many of the rooms in my home finished, more in a constant state of evolution, but the fairytale bedroom feels like it's just about everything I wanted it to be when I started.


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