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The First Garage Sale Of The Year

l was on my way to the thrift store when I spotted a giant, yellow banner on the side of the road: "Community Garage Sale Saturday 8AM". And just like that, the first garage sale of the year was upon us.

I was hopeful, yet skeptical about this sale. I wanted to start the official garage sale season off strong and this was a fairly nice neighborhood, but a good portion of the community was newer homes which I don't usually have success with.

The whole family loaded up in the car bright and early Saturday morning and headed to the sale which quickly turned into a dud. The community was quite large, but participating houses were few and far between. Most of the sales weren't even worth stopping at so we drove right by.

Finally, after passing up sale after sale, I spotted an older gentleman in a green coat and a vintage hardware store apron standing in a driveway among a couple small tables. I could tell this one was going to be good.

A vintage easel caught my eye right away and he and I got to talking about it. I soon spotted a box of old books along with a few other treasures and made a pile. This man was so nice and his treasures were so unique. I spent a total of $30 and came away with the easel, my stack of books, a vintage frame/shelf, and a couple vintage American flags.

Here's my finds and how I've styled them:

The man told me his mother used to paint on this easel, but that he used it to display art which is what I'll be doing also.

I don't usually decorate much for the 4th of July, but I think I kind of have to now that I have these 48-star flags.

This project probably won't happen any time soon, but I'd like to install this frame in a wall with false cover art to make a secret cabinet.

I considered making an offer for the entire box of books, but didn't. Some of the ones I got are almost 100 years old and in beautiful condition

After this house, we stopped at two more and I scored the biggest deal of the day: a set of 5 dining chairs for $5!

It just goes to show, it only takes one cool guy at one cool house to make a successful day of garage sale-ing.


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