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The Most Enchanting Vintage Cookie Press

A couple years ago, I found a 1973 cookie press at a thrift store. It was absolutely stunning so of course I bought it, but I'd never tried to actually use it until this year.

It took a few tries and some experimentation to get it right. In most of the tutorials I watched, the mold was pressed down into the dough, but when I did this I just couldn't get those gorgeous details to show up no matter how hard I pressed or how thick I rolled my dough.

I decided to try pressing and then rolling my dough across the mold instead and that worked so much better!

I'm so impressed with how these cookies turned out and a lot of the detail stayed even through the baking process.

With how much room the horses took up on my baking sheet, I had to bake really small batches so making them took a really long time. But I'd say the results were worth it and next year I fully intent to put on a Christmas movie or two and spend an evening making these enchanting horse cookies.

They'd make such a perfect gift or ornaments to hang on your tree too! I highly recommend buying any vintage cookie press you stumble upon and here are a few you can buy new too. (I included non-Christmas ones because they were just too cute not to share.)


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