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The One I Almost Didn't Buy

I almost didn't buy them.

I was at the thrift store with Nathan and the kids, I spotted these Dalmatian sketches for $8 each and I almost didn't get them. I loved them, but couldn't see a spot for them in my house. I was having so much trouble deciding which I usually take as a "no"so I asked Nathan who said I should put them back. I set them down by the other art, took two steps back, and snatched them up again making the executive decision to just get them. I just had a gut feeling that I would regret leaving them and now, about a year later, I know I absolutely would have.

I was right about not leaving them behind, but I was also right about not having a spot for them in my home. These cutie have been sitting in storage for about a year now because they either don't fit the style of any rooms, or there's no wall space in the rooms I could see them in.

I still really love them and hate that I don't have them on display so we're changing that! There's nothing really special about the current frames so we're gonna start by swapping those for a couple of my thrifted frames.

I don't totally mind that my frames don't match, I think the styles are similar enough that it works. Slightly different frames for slightly different dogs.

I had to cut my sketches down a little to fit the new frames and decided to remove the matting entirely.

Now as for placement, my style has shifted a little since buying the Dalmatians so I do think there are a few spots I could envision them in.

For now, they're going in my dressing room replacing a french-style painting I've had there for awhile. I like the simplification they bring to my little space and the almost matted effect the lines on the aged paper give.

Here's a before and after of the space.


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