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The Pinterest Thrift Challenge

My original claim to fame on TikTok started when I set out to recreate an outfit I'd seen on Pinterest using only thrifted items that I could find in one day of thrifting. It took three stops and several hours, but I did it!

(You can watch the original video here and see my final look here)

I repeated this Pinterest Thrift Challenge a couple times since that first video, but haven't done so in a long time. I pinned several outfits with this challenge in mind, but kept running into the same problem: "I already own something like that so I can't thrift for it".

The more I kept coming to that conclusion, the more I started thinking that's a pretty stupid reason not to do it. I had a ton of fun making those videos and people seemed to really enjoy them too so let's do it anyway!

So here are several outfits I love from Pinterest that I recreated just by shopping my closet (with mostly thrifted items).

1. Eyelet Lace & Suede

I love the 60's flower child vibes this outfit is giving and I thrifted the perfect vintage, suede skirt for it last year! I paired it with a sheer, floral top and some gold hoops (not thrifted). My bag is from a boutique I used to work at and I added a cute pair of boots I thrifted several years ago.

2. A Cozy Knit

The intricate design on this chunky knit sweater is perfection and I just so happened to find a beautiful, handmade sweater at my favorite thrift shop in Florida earlier this year.

3. Cool Corduroy

I can't remember if I pinned this look before or after I thrifted the perfect pair of corduroy pants, but either way, it was totally meant to be. The only items not thrifted in my version of this outfit are my shoes and shades.

4. Casual Neutrals

Always take a quick glance at the men's section when thrifting. I found this perfect men's Ralph Lauren button down that I can wear so many different ways. This casual, neutral outfit is definitely a favorite and so easy to recreate for a fresh and classic look.

5. A Classic Trench

The day before I found this amazing trench coat, I had randomly thought to myself "I don't think I'll ever be able to thrift a trench coat for myself because the only ones I find are way too big". I was so surprised to find this Banana Republic coat in the perfect size and with the cutest pockets! I found this pair of black loafers the same day. The striped t-shirt and jeans are also thrifted, but I changed up the bag from the original photo to something more my style.

Whether you shop your closet, hit up some thrift stores, or shop traditional retail stores, creating a Pinterest board ahead of time with looks you want to recreate is a fun, creative exercise and a great way to add some different looks to your wardrobe or think of pieces you already own in a new way. I highly recommend creating your own Pinterest outfit challenge for yourself.


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