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The Playing Card Window

It's been two years since my last painted window. If you've been here awhile, you might be familiar with my windows, the most famous of which being The Mermaid. She was my last because I used to erase each old design to make room for the next and I couldn't bring myself to erase her. She took days to paint and I still really like the design so I don't see her going anywhere soon.

However, I have several other windows in storage and recently brought one out for a new design. I have an empty wall in the bedroom that is the perfect size for one of these big windows, but there's a lot of artwork in the room already and I didn't want anything too visually heavy. I chose to do this new window in a creamy gray rather than my usual black for a little more subtlety.

I found a vintage playing card, blew up the design, and had Nathan print it for me to fit the dimensions of the window. I taped my printed guide to the back and painted the front of the glass. I like to use paint pens for my windows, but for this particular design, I wanted that really specific gray that I'd used elsewhere in the room so I just used small brushes to paint.

This led to a lot less precision and having to do two coats for full coverage. Basically, this window was a pain to paint and I'm still a little mad at it. And of course, because I'm my own worst critic, I decided at 11:30 last night that it's not actually done.

While subtlety was the goal with this piece, I think my king is currently being upstaged by the bright, white window frame. And honestly, I think he could use a third coat of paint in some spots. My plan is to outline the entire design in thin white to make him pop and maybe lean into the messiness of the design. Almost going for an imperfectly hand drawn, French style.

I'll keep you updated as adjustments are made, but until then, I hope you like and can see my vision with this new King of Clubs window.


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