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The Project That Will Fix My Life

For three years, I've been convinced that if I stopped procrastinating with this one project, my life would be magically fixed, I'd be eternally happy, and everything would fall into place. I could use a little magic so I'm finally going to do it. I'm painting my antique wardrobe doors.

I found these doors on Facebook Marketplace and absolutely love them. I think the details on them are so pretty, but also feel like they get lost in the dark finish of the wood. I'm always hesitant to paint antiques, but I really do think these doors would benefit from a change and that lightening them up will bring out all those gorgeous details.

I chose a can of "oops" paint I already had thinking it would be a warm gray, but when I opened the can, it was very tan. Refusing to overthink this project any longer, I slapped it on anyway and it dried a really warm, brownish-gray. I would almost call it a taupe. I think the final color has a lot to do with how much of the dark wood I let show through.

I only did one layer and tried to put it on as thinly as possible, leaving streaks and imperfections for a worn, antique look without any sanding or glazing. The difference between the two when I was halfway done was so huge!

I really love how these doors turned out. I wanted them to basically blend into the room (I almost painted them the same color as the wall at one point) and be a subtly cool feature in the space. I film and photograph a lot of my content in this little corner so I needed them to look good on camera and be versatile style-wise so they can pair seamlessly with different decor, outfits, etc. through all seasons and I think we got just that!

Now the real question: have they fixed my life? Immediately after I finished painting, Nathan came into the room saying he needed to run to Costco. I got him to drop me off at the nearby thrift store where I scored a great haul full of vintage treasures and some of my favorite brands. The next morning, I found my AirPods that had gone missing a week before and I had a great hair day. So yes, I expect nothing but eternal happiness from here on out.


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