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The Return Of The Clipboard Wall

Last Christmas we opened up a wall in our entryway and installed antique french doors to connect our living room with what is now our library (aka Nathan’s office). This meant we had to part ways with my beloved clipboard wall as it was hanging exactly where the doors needed to go. But she’s back, bigger, and better than ever and now lives in the library. Let’s take a look at the new wall and I’ll answer some of my most-asked questions about it.

I’d been collecting more clipboards as I found them over the last year and we were able to add another row to the new wall with 25 clipboards instead of the original 20. They’re each hung with a single nail through the back hole of the metal clip and are hung 4 inches apart from each other just because that’s the spacing that looked good on this wall.

My favorite thing to decorate these clipboards with is pages from books I’ve thrifted. I pulled out an old favorite filled with all kinds of beautiful botanical illustrations and used just about all of them. You can find a copy of this book in my Amazon storefront under My Bookshelf. I have a wall of green bookcases in this space and they’re decorated with a lot of plants and floral art so an entire wall of vintage flowers fits perfectly with the rest of the space.

I loved filming and photographing in front of the old clipboard wall and I’m even more excited to create content in this new space. The floor-to-ceiling clipboards are a perfect backdrop and the lighting is significantly better here than it was in the entryway. Prepare to be sick of this space cause you’re about to see it a lot!


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