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The Trick To A Magazine-Worthy Bed

I love changing up my bedding. It resets my mood and helps me get in the mindset of a new season. I just switched up my bedding from Cozy Fall to Classic Christmas and thought I'd show you a little of both while giving you tips for how to achieve an ultra-cozy bed like you see in magazines.

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You can also find the bedding featured in this article in my Amazon storefront under "Fall Favorites" and "Christmas Bedding".

Layers are crucial

Build up a mixture of colors, patterns, textures to create a series of cozy layers. For my Christmas bedding this year, I stuck with a red, white, and cream color scheme and incorporated all different patterns of stripes, plaids, and paisley.

White sheets

I once bought a set of cream-colored sheets and it practically ruined my life. Ok, I'm exaggerating, but my bedding did always look a little dingy and blah with those cream sheets. You can create a beautiful bed with colorful or patterned sheets, but white is my personal preference. It will always look fresh and bright and will make it really easy to switch up your bedding often like I do.

Here's a couple sets I really love that are extremely affordable and even have a subtle lace detail to add a little texture.

Undersize and Overstuff

The trick to getting those big, fluffy pillows and billowing layers is not listening to size guides. Fill your 18x18 pillow cover with a 20x20 insert, buy a king-size blanket for your queen-size bed, fill your queen-size duvet cover with a king duvet or two stacked queen duvets.

(Last year's holiday bedding had a great display of big, cozy pillows.)

Duvets are the Best

Speaking of duvets, they're the best and will instantly make your bedroom a cozy space whether they're perfectly smoothed and styled or disheveled across the bottom of the bed.

Down Pillows

If you have an allergy to consider, make sure you get a down-alternative that still gives the same casual, yet fluffy look as down. Try to avoid the super stiff and square or understuffed look.

These are the inserts I use for my fluffy euro throws. They carry them in multiple sizes, just don't forget my earlier tip to overstuff!

A Perfectly Undone Look

The thing every cozy magazine bed has in common is that they're all a little messy, a little undone, a little imperfect. Open up a Pottery Barn catalogue and you'll find turned down blankets, bunched up duvets, and casually stacked pillows. Don't worry too much about making your bed look absolutely perfect and pristine. Embrace the coziness of a lived-in home.


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