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Things I Regret Thrifting

I often share about things I regret not thrifting, but what about the things I did buy that I regret? Shopping for vintage can be a little high-pressure because many items are one-of-a-kind or at least somewhat rare and you may not get the chance to go back for something you left or ever find it again. I don't know about you, but the fear of regret has lead me to some pretty poor thrift choices in the past. Let's take a look at some of the things I've thrifted that I've now come to regret.

The Boat Painting

This isn't technically a "thrift" find, because it was found at an antique shop. I absolutely loved it when I saw it, but it took a couple return trips to this shop to finally pull the trigger and bring it home.

While I do still like it and think it's beautiful, I fell out of love with this piece shortly after putting it in my house. It just doesn't look like it did in that shop. Maybe its the colors or the light in my home, it just falls a little flat in my spaces.

Cloth Napkins

This one's a little more general. I love the look of cloth napkins. I love the idea of cloth napkins. I hate the maintenance of cloth napkins. I've accumulated quite the collection to use for different tablescapes in different seasons, but they've become such a hassle to wash, iron, and store that I've made a rule for myself: no more cloth napkins.

The Floral Dress

I think this dress is absolutely adorable and I do think it looks really pretty on. But is it my style? Do I feel like me in it? Not really, so maybe it should've been someone else's find.

Baskets With Raised Handles

I regret thrifting the majority of baskets in my home that have an upright handle. There's maybe one or two I'd still thrift again if I went back in time. I find myself not using handled baskets as much as other styles and not having space for them because of their height. But recognizing this pattern has helped me say "no" when I find them now.

Regret is unavoidable at the thrift store. There will always be things you wish you bought and things you wish you left. It's part of the game, but I do think the more often you thrift, the better you get at knowing yourself and your style and making those choices.

If you enjoyed this article and want to see the stupidest things I've ever thrifted, head right this way.

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Alicia Hamilton
Alicia Hamilton
Jul 01, 2023

For the painting I would suggest painting the fabric matting. It will change the look of the painting and you can make it match the space it’s in better. I have done this a variety of times.

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