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Things I Won't Thrift

I think it's safe to say I've amassed a reputation for thrifting just about everything, but there are a few specific items I rarely or downright refuse to buy secondhand. Here are five things I avoid at the thrift shop.

1. Clip On Earrings

I think they're so cute and I love seeing ways people have found to repurpose them, but they give me a headache and I don't buy them even to repurpose.

2. PJs

I can't say never for this one because I do own a couple sets of thrifted pajamas, but for the most part, it's too personal an item for me and I usually don't even look at that aisle.

3. Bathing Suits

I'm less opposed to bathing suit tops, but I will not buy bottoms or one pieces. MAYBE if it's a really nice brand and new with tags, but that's still a big maybe. Bathing suits are just too much for me.

4. More... Intimate Clothing Items

Obviously if I'm not buying bathing suits, I'm not buying anything else that would walk that fine hygiene line. Things like lingerie or bras, nighties, tights, shapeware, socks, and I'm very picky about shoes too.

5. Things That Could Be Considered Necessities

I try to stay away from anything that could be considered a necessity or something that someone coming form less privilege could really use. For example, I've found some really nice baby and maternity products over the years, but I'm in a situation that if I really wanted or needed it, I could go buy it new so I feel like I should leave the discounted one for someone who might not be able to have it otherwise.

Now that you know what I steer clear of when thrifting, check out these five things I will probably never buy new again.


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