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Thrift Flip: Doll Chairs

Today I'm teaming up with some friends for another Thrift Store Challenge! The goal is to take something thrifted or found and transform it into something that can be used and enjoyed! I've just started really putting together my daughter's nursery and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to add some vintage touches to her room.

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This project was inspired by my friend on Instagram, Jana from @cottagefarmhouse1872. She has a couple little doll chairs hanging on a wall in her home that I just fell in love with and shortly after seeing them, I stumbled upon a couple perfect little doll chairs while thrifting! Pretty style, beautiful details, original tags, and half off! I didn't know where I wanted to put them, but I snatched them up anyway.

I'm not the greatest at remembering to take before pictures, so here is a screenshot of an old IG story as a true before and a photo Nathan grabbed for me once I had started this project.

You can see I snapped off the doll supports on the sides of the chairs. According to the original tags attached to these chairs, they're from 1998 so the glue was old enough that I could give the supports a little tap with a hammer and break them off. I wanted them to look more like real chairs and removing this detail helped a lot. I could've sanded the rough edges down, but I didn't mind them having a beat-up look.

I already had all the supplies I needed for this project which is always a plus. I used a can of burgundy "oops" paint I scored for $2 mixed with another little jar of mauve "oops" paint (no name on that one). If you don’t know, "oops" paint is paint that has been mis-tinted or is wrong in some other way and is put on clearance. I always check for any good colors when I’m at the hardware store. I wanted to maintain a worn, vintage look along with the bright pop of color so I used a little sandpaper to scuff up my chairs once I was done painting them. To hang my chairs, I used a small d ring wall hook on the back. I always keep various wall hooks and hangers in my tool box for projects like this. I didn't bother to seal my chairs and probably wont unless my daughter wants to play with them in a few years.

Two coats was enough to get the coverage I wanted for these. I let them dry overnight before I sanded them a bit and attached my d rings.

Here's a better look at how they turned out! When sanding to achieve a vintage look, you want to lightly rough up all of the edges and then go back and think about how the piece would wear naturally over time. If these were real chairs, the seats would be very worn down and the tops would probably be missing a little paint too from being grabbed to pull out and push in the chair. The legs would most likely have some scratches and dings as well. Thinking about your sanding and distressing this way will give a very authentic look to your projects.

Isla's room is pretty small and there's a lot I want to include on her walls so these chairs needed to find the perfect little spot to call their own. There's a bit of space between the wall and her closet door. so I tucked them right in and they work great! They're out of the way and leave all the other walls free for the rest of my vision in this space!

I think these chairs would be really fun in a warm yellow or fresh green or maybe even a white, but for now I love the pink on pink and it brings out some raspberry and cranberry tones in a few other places throughout the room.

I'm so happy I grabbed these adorable chairs when I saw them even though they aren't my usual style. I think they're a cute little detail for this nursery and I can totally see them finding a home in a couple other spots around the house as time goes by and this room changes.

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