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Thrift Tip No. 713


Shopping a thrift store is very different than shopping a regular store. You won't find aisles of neatly stacked displays and perfectly organized items. Most of the time, you're going to have to do some digging to find the good stuff. Here's the story of an awesome find I had to do a little digging for and almost missed.

My favorite section to look through is the art, but on this particular day, things were pretty sparse. I was poking through the frames and about to give up and move on when I got this feeling that I should dig deeper through the pile of duds I was looking at.

Tucked between a couple frames was this gorgeous vintage bird print. I was so glad I didn't give up looking and it motivated me to glance through the next stack of frames too where I found a matching bird print!

I'm obsessed with these prints and so happy I found them. It just goes to show that sometimes you get lucky at the thrift store and sometimes you put in the effort, dig through the junk, and find some pretty great treasures.

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