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Thriftable Halloween Costumes

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Spooky decor, loads of candy, and my favorite part: costumes. I've always loved putting together my own costumes instead of buying them which I learned from my mom who made me many a princess and witch costume over the years. I love it so much that I actually worked as a costume designer for a children's theater for a bit! (Sounds a lot cooler than it was, but still a fun job.)

Seeing as I usually piece together my family's costumes with mostly thrifted items, I'm sharing a list of classic Halloween costumes I believe are extremely thrift-able and that you might already have in your closet!


Audrey has so many iconic looks that are pretty easy to recreate. (My favorites being from Breakfast at Tiffany's.) People will instantly recognize who you are and the pieces are pretty re-wearable too!


Maybe a little overdone, but a classic for a reason. And who doesn't love a good excuse to wear a great pair of shoes?

A Doll

You can get pretty creative with this one. Go old Raggedy Ann, all-pink Barbie, or my personal favorite and thrift store-inspired, creepy doll.


There's an endless amount of witch hats and black dresses in thrift stores around Halloween. You can probably even shop your own closet for this one!

Alice or Belle

If you have a blue dress and a white apron, you've got an Alice in Wonderland or Belle costume depending on your hair color. It's all about the accessories with this one. Carry a book or a rose if you're going for Belle and a teacup or alarm clock if you want to be Alice.


Thrift shops are full of "grandma clothes", right? Take advantage and age yourself a bit for the day. Have fun with it and don't forget your glasses!

A Cat

Animal costumes in general can be easy to thrift, but a black cat is very holiday-appropriate and an all-black outfit will be quick to put together.

Minnie Mouse

I see a decent amount of mouse ears at my thrift stores. You may have to start looking early for this one unless you live by a Disney park, but it's totally doable.

Cowgirl or Scarecrow

Flannel button downs are never in short supply at the thrift shop and they make quick cowgirl or scarecrow costumes.

Morticia or Wednesday Addams

Everyone's favorite spooky family has some great costume options that just need the right black dress and hairstyle.

A 50's Housewife

If you can find a 50's-style dress and a string of pearls, you'll have a pretty cute "housewife" costume. If you want to be more specific with your look, you can pick an iconic TV homemaker to dress as.


So bad, it's good. Grab a white sheet, cut a couple eye holes, and call it a day!

Have fun creating your costume and have a very happy Halloween!


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