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Tips For Styling A Cozy Office

This past Mother's Day, Nathan and the kids gifted me a beautiful vintage desk (that I found on Facebook Marketplace and begged them for). I knew I wanted to refinish it, but wasn't sure how so it's been living in the junk room. If you're wondering why I stored it instead of using it before redoing it, it's because this desk is going upstairs and I only wanted to carry it up there once.

The original plan for this article was to take you through the makeover process and show how I refinished this beautiful piece, but this was a DIY project from Hell. I'm still traumatized by it and I really don't want to talk about it ever again.

Instead, you'll get to see the before and after and I'll show you how to style a cozy office.

Include Art

Art is the best way to personalize a space. I like to swap mine out based on the season and my mood and this little thrifted stand makes the change super easy.

A Good Chair Is Everything

When I say "good chair" I mean comfortable and stylish. Read all about this floral and plaid chair I just finished recovering here.

Feature Your Favorite Scent

I love to have a cozy candle burning while I work, but a diffuser or spray works too.


Books are my favorite to decorate with and fit perfectly in an office. There are countless ways to style and display them for a cozy look.

Add Some Greenery

Plants make people happy so be sure to include some kind of greenery or flowers even if they're faux.

Everything In Its Place

Set yourself up for success by making your space easy to quickly clean. Implement an organization system that works for you where you can easily clear you desk and put everything in its place to avoid the buildup of clutter.

Layer Lighting

I just purchased this amazing floor lamp from Marketplace and am still in awe. This room has a lot of lighting sources in addition to this find to create a very cozy atmosphere.

Know How You Work

Think about what helps you focus and what you like to have nearby when you're working. For example, I keep a coaster on my desk because I usually like to have a cozy drink nearby. I have design books nearby for inspiration. I also keep my Alexa at my desk so I can quickly set reminders for myself or listen to music.

Whether it's an office, a bedroom, a kitchen, a reading nook, whatever, I strongly encourage you to invest in a space that's specifically for you where you can feel your coziest.


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