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Tired of Boring Doors?

I was taught somewhere along the way that you don't paint trim or interior doors any color but white and I've never deviated from that rule. Until a couple months ago that is when I came across this gorgeous, pink door on Pinterest. I instantly fell in love and it immediately made me think of Isla's room because she has almost the same shade of pink on her walls.

I've never started (or finished) a project so fast! Usually I think for awhile on my design choices and plan everything out so I know I'm sure of my decision, but by lunchtime Isla had a pink door just like the picture.

The next day I noticed my project wasn't actually done because Isla has two doors in her room. I quickly made the closet door pink too and was so happy with how they tied her space together!

A couple weeks later, I was telling my grandma about the painted doors and she misunderstood what I meant by only painting some of the door which gave me the idea to have a little fun with the inside of Isla's closet door. I'll be painting the reverse of what's on the outside of her closet so the majority will be pink inside. I plan to totally revamp her closet later on so having an interesting interior door will be perfect!

This painted door project was so quick and simple and added such a fun element to the space! It has me wanting to do something more interesting to just about every door in my house and leave boring white doors behind. Why not? It's such an easy change to make and even easier to undo later if I change my mind. The next plain, white door to go? My pantry, so stay tuned!

Here are a few more gorgeously painted doors I've come across on Pinterest that might just make their way into my own home soon.

This color combo is EVERYTHING

The doors themselves are exquisite, but the blue and white take them to a whole new level.

I love the black accents here without the full commitment to going dark.


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