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Top Colors for 2022

I love reading through what everyone thinks the big colors for the new year are going to be. I also like looking up previous years' predictions and seeing if I think they were accurate. This year, I felt confident enough to make my own predictions about what colors we'll see a lot of in 2022.

I'm curious to see if you agree or disagree and I'll definitely be revisiting this post at the end of the year to see how right or how wrong I was.


Everyone seems to be saying that green is going to be the color of the year and I'm not surprised. We seem to be craving something fresh, calming, and that reminds us of nature and green gives all of that.

When it comes to green in 2022, the earthier the better. Think muted sage, rich olive, and deep emerald. Use it anywhere and everywhere because green can function as a great neutral and easily add depth and warmth to a space.

Muted & Moody Purples

It's been a minute since we've had purple play a prominent role in our decor, but I think we might start to see more of it soon. Nothing too bright or light, I think moodier plumbs or muted amethysts will start to creep their way into our homes and I'm here for it. I think there are only two ways we'll see these purples though. Either used very sparingly and subtilely or as a bold, show-stopping statement.

Black Accents

I talked about this in my 2022 Design Trend Predictions. Black is quickly replacing white as the go-to accent color. We'll see a lot more of this with the goal being striking, moody interiors full of contrast.

Antique Golds and Gold Leaf Detail

Vintage and antique decor is becoming more popular and antique golds along with them. Any gold that shows depth and dimension or looks a little worn will pair perfectly with the other design trends we'll see.


Rust has become a staple color in our interiors and I don't think that's about to change. It gives a space vibrance and warmth without being too over the top and it'll remain a favorite in 2022.

Almost White Creams

Stark white has been the preferred look for several years, but slightly warmer creams will start to replace white this year. Nothing too yellow or brown, just a warmed up white or even a light stone color to soften things up.


Call me crazy, but I feel like chartreuse is making its way back into the mainstream. It's not surprising if you consider the resurgence of 60's and 70's styles we're currently experiencing. Think of it as an evolution of the beautiful mustard yellows we've loved in recent years.

I'm welcoming chartreuse, but keeping in mind that a little goes a long way with such a bold color. I think the chartreuse of the present will differ from that of the past in that it will be a little more muted and almost dingy.

So what do you think? Will purple finally make a comeback? Am I crazy for thinking we're going to start decorating with chartreuse? Will you be painting everything black this year? I'd love to know your opinions on what the big colors for the new year will be!


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