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Transitioning to Spring

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for spring. I'm getting more and more ready to scatter bunnies and flowers around my house, put together Easter baskets, start dressing in more florals, and maybe even do some planting. It never goes well for me, but I'm tempted to attempt an herb garden this year. I've started decorate my home for the next season so I thought I'd give you some tips for subtly transitioning into spring.

1. Fill your home with new scents. Florals, herbs, anything fresh and light. You can do this with soaps, candles, diffusers, or even plants.

These are a few of the scents I'm bringing into my spaces. Panier Des Sens offers so many different fragrances and they're ethically sources, vegan, and very eco friendly so I highly recommend. You can also save 20% on any order with my code “MARIAH20”!

2. Don't add without taking things away first. Add some spring decluttering to your spring cleaning and donate any items in your home and your wardrobe you don't want anymore. Spring is all about a fresh start.

3. You don't have to bring in a bunch of flowers yet, but incorporating more greenery in your home will give it a fresh feel.

4. Lemons, limes, apples, or pears in a pretty bowl will also give your space a really fresh feel and smell.

5. Start to introduce some subtle spring colors. Muted pinks, sage greens, and terracotta are my favorites.

6. Finds some recipes you want to make this season. A few I'm excited for this scpring are carrot cake, strawberry praline salad, and lavender lemonade.

7. Start to work spring items back into your wardrobe. This can be tricky if the weather is still cold, but even sticking to a brighter color scheme and working in a couple springtime accessories can help get your wardrobe out of a winter rut.

8. If you're really craving that springtime feel, work a couple woodland animals into your decor. It doesn't have to look overtly Easter, I have a set of bunny bookends I like to keep out all year as well as a few bird and butterfly prints I feature in my decor during spring. If animals is too much for your, nature prints are a great alternative.


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