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Tricks for an Uncluttered Nightstand

The way you style your nightstand can easily elevate your bedroom and make if feel like a calming, curated space. But it can just as easily become a spot for random things to accumulate and cause an otherwise beautiful room to look messy.

A nightstand needs to combine style and function to serve your home and lifestyle. If you set this space up for success from the start, you'll have a much easier time maintaining it each day.

  • Think about how you use this space and what it needs to provide for you. Do you regularly read in bed? Like to keep a glass of water nearby at night? Wear glasses? If you integrate all the things that are going to end up here into your decor, they wont be out of place.

  • Group things together with a basket or tray. This will keep everything looking neat and "put away".

  • Stack your decor. Nightstands are small spaces to work with, but you can use things like stacked books as surfaces for other decor. This creates height and allows you to display more pieces without it looking crowded

  • Don't ignore the drawers. Most people focus on just styling the surface of their nightstand. If you want to set your space up for success, utilize tools to keep your drawers organized as well.

  • Incorporate decorative, hidden storage like pretty boxes or jars. Anything with a lid to keep small things like jewelry, watches, hair ties, or lotion, etc. out of sight.

  • Make straightening a part of your daily routine. Your nightstand is a space you use regularly so it's going to require regular maintenance to stay uncluttered. Take a minute each morning maybe when you make your bed or as you're leaving your room to remove any items that don't belong and reset your space.

A nightstand isn't difficult to decorate, but it can be tricky to keep it looking pristine because it's such a high-use area. If you style intentionally and create a space that blends style with function, you'll easily be able to maintain a beautiful nightstand that elevates your room.

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Jul 01, 2022

I know how to have an uncluttered night stand...get rid of the one on my husband's side 🤣

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