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Vintage Alligator Purse

Earlier this year, Isla and I took a trip to Florida to visit my family. We went thrifting with my mom nearly every day and had so much fun searching for treasures. My favorite find from the trip was undoubtably a vintage, faux leather purse with an amazing gold alligator clasp.

I was lucky to have even spotted it. The bag section at this particular thrift shop didn't look promising and my alligator bag was tucked all the way in the back of the bottom row of purses. It was a little gleam from the alligator that caught my eye and I immediately made a beeline for it knowing it was going to be something good.

It was in amazing condition, but had no label or identifiers. I still don't know a lot about this beautiful bag and haven't even been able to track down a definite brand or designer although I have found others like it with the same alligator clasp online. It's midcentury, but that's about all I can tell you.

Because of the size, I needed to find a smaller wallet to go with it. Right away I found a cute little Italian cowhide wallet, but a couple weeks later I actually stumbled across a faux alligator wallet that would have been perfect! I totally should have gotten it, but didn't.

Here's a few modernized ways I would style this gorgeous, vintage purse.

I had a wonderful trip with Isla and my family and found so many cool treasures, but this vintage bag was by far my favorite and a very "Florida" souvenir to bring back.

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01. Juli 2022

Speaking of alligator purses found in Florida... I found a vintage one at the bins 🤣🤣 sold it for $$$ on ebay. I guess the Haitians have no need for alligator purses 🤪🤭 I wish I was skinny like you, your styling is impeccable!!

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