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Guest Bath Makeover

You know those old makeover shows where they'd redo a room in a ridiculously short amount of time? That's what I did with my guest bathroom this past weekend. I'd been prepping for this makeover for months, years even if you count all the thrifting I did for it! But hadn't had the time or motivation to actually start the process.

I'd been gathering pieces I liked with this space in mind, but also didn't have a set direction or design vision for this room. Then one day it hit me: Vintage Conservatory. I wanted gothic victorian meets modern style with things like aged copper, interesting architectural details, vintage art, and elements of nature all with a muted, earthy color pallet.

Here's a mood board to kind of show the concept of what I was trying to capture:

And here are the listing photos of this space to show where we're starting from:

We hadn't made changes to this bathroom since moving in so for starters, the aqua and gray color scheme needed to go. I painted the walls, trim, and door Taupe 02 by Lick Paint and the room instantly felt bright and refreshed. Painting the door and trim the same as the walls made a big impact too and made the space look so much larger.

For the vanity, I chose Red 03 also by Lick Paint, but here's where I ran into a little trouble. When I opened the can, the paint was very pink, but I didn't think too much of it because wet paint can look very different from dry.

After two coats had dried on the vanity, I knew something was off. It was still the same pink as the can and didn't match my paint swatch at all. The label on the paint can says the correct color I should have, but I think there might've been a mixup along the way and I somehow got the wrong paint. The pink is definitely a cute color and honestly looks great with my floor and countertop, but it's not the look we're going for here so I'm working on getting the correct color.

I did a total of two coats of paint on the walls, trim and door, and three coats on the vanity.

I found a beautiful vintage mirror on Facebook Marketplace several months ago and repainted it to have the look of aged copper. You can read about that DIY here. I also swapped the original towel ring for a pretty, gold one from Anthropologie which just so happens to match the door knocker on my front door.

You can find the towel ring here and the door knocker here.

Years ago, I found a set of intricate outlet and light switch plates at a thrift shop which seemed very fitting for the style of this bathroom so those made their way in here too.

Another Facebook Marketplace score for this space was a collection of antique clock doors. I shared those a long time ago so if you're interested, you can read more about them here. I think the new wall color behind them does so much to showcase their beauty and they're one of my favorite details in this bathroom!

The shower curtain was one of the first pieces of decor I bought for our home when we moved in. I didn't have a vision in mind for this space at the time, just liked the curtain. But I love how it fits perfectly with this concept and color scheme.

It's not currently available, but there are several for sale on eBay, Poshmark, etc. that you can find by searching "Opalhouse Flora Bird Shower Curtain".

I replaced the original silver towel bar with a black, Pottery Barn coat rack I thrifted and centered it below a beautiful thrifted print that I framed inside another larger, vintage frame.

The coat rack provides much more hanging space than the original rod did, but to add even more, I hung a pair of bird hooks on the back of the door as well. These picked up on the aged green in the mirror and the birds in the shower curtain. (They look super dark in pictures, but I promise they're gold and green in person.)

I'm pretty proud of pulling this space together in a weekend and I love how it looks. It feels like it fits with the rest of our home now and I'm excited for guests to visit and have a beautiful space to use when they stay with us.

I'm not deeming this makeover finished just yet mainly because of the vanity so check back soon for an update to see the real finished look.

Project Update

Here's what's happened since the bathroom makeover weekend:

Lick was so apologetic about the paint mixup and helpful with giving me options for how we could fix this. I chose to try again with the Red 03, but when the can arrived, it was also pink. I took it as a sign that the cabinet wasn't meant to be red and they sent out a new new can right away, this time in Green 02.

It arrived super fast and was stunning! An exact match to the swatch and once I got it on the vanity, I knew it was meant to be. It was organic, calming, and exactly what this space needed so I'm actually glad it worked out this way.

Scroll for updated pictures of the final space and my gorgeous green vanity!


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