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Vintage Recipe: Malted Coffee

Vintage cookbooks are one of my favorite things to collect and use as decor in my kitchen. Every once in awhile, I'll venture into one and pick out an old recipe to attempt. This book in particular has always intrigued me, it's Mary Meade's Magic Recipes for the Electric Blender (1956). How many things can you possibly make in a blender? What makes the recipes so magical??

Flipping through, I found many... questionable dishes like Codfish Delight and Olive Soup along with tamer recipes that sounded pretty good. I've picked out a recipe that calls itself "simple and simply delicious" for us to try today: Malted Coffee.

watch this recipe below & screenshot the recipe card at the end of this article for later

This recipe makes two tall glasses of coffee so adjust accordingly.

Mix together strong (cold) coffee, milk of your choice, and cream or whatever flavor coffee creamer you'd like.

Stir in three tablespoons of malted-milk powder (chocolate or original) and sugar. You can ease up on the amount of sugar if you don't like really sweet drinks or if you're using coffee creamer instead of cream.

Add about a cup of ice and blend until frothy. It shouldn't take too long.

Pour your drinks and top with any fun additions you want like whipped cream, drizzles, or shavings and enjoy!

I really liked this vintage recipe, it truly was simple and simply delicious. I will absolutely be making more of these coffees and I'll play around with seasonal versions throughout the year too. Pumpkin spice, peppermint mocha, gingerbread, maple & brown sugar, it all sounds so good!


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