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Vinyl Kitchen Mat

This project and post are a collaboration with V-Mat, but all the opinions expressed are honest and my own.

I've been making little changes in our kitchen recently in an attempt to merge the design with my decor. I showed you how I recovered my kitchen chairs the other week now I've added a gorgeous new vinyl mat from V-Mat! I had been wanting a pretty, vintage rug in my kitchen for the longest time and I even had one in the kitchen of our last apartment, but I knew better than to try that again. Why? Because my family is messy. The beautiful blue rug at our apartment was a gross, dingy gray within a month of getting it! Despite my nagging everyone to take their shoes off. <insert eye-roll here>

I had pretty much given up on my vintage kitchen rug dream at least for the time being with two little ones, three pets, and a husband who seems to have a strong attachment to his shoes. Maybe someday, but definitely not any time soon.

Then I discovered V-Mat and a glimmer of hope was born in my decor-loving heart! They specialize in vinyl mats that are easy to clean, stain resistant, durable, anti-slip (great for my always on-the-go toddler), and even hypoallergenic. And the best part? They're gorgeous! They have all kinds of designs including vintage-style ones that are right up my alley.

It was so hard to choose a favorite style, but I finally settled on their Star Vinyl Mat. I loved the neutral tones and the warmer cream background instead of a stark white. I have very white counters and cabinets and wanted to bridge the gap between my white white kitchen and my warmer decor style.

Each mat is made to order, so it takes a little extra time to make and ship. Once I placed my order, I waited oh so impatiently for it to arrive (ok, it didn't take that long) so I could finally live out my dream of a beautiful kitchen with beautiful kitchen decor. It was so worth the wait. It was stunning and I knew it was the absolute perfect addition to our kitchen and totally brought the design and the decor of the space together like I had hoped!

Honest review time:

We've had the new mat for about a week now and it seriously is everything it promised to be. Beautiful, obviously, and so so easy to keep clean! It doesn't get very dirty to start with, but when we do have a spill or shoe marks, or whatever, we just wipe with a damp paper towel and it's good as new! no scrubbing, no needing to break out the heavy duty cleaning supplies, just wipe and gone.

I was doubtful about the anti-slip claim because there's no pad or anchors to keep it in place, but it has made good on that too. It stays pretty in place even with the toddler, the dog, and all our daily running around.

A vinyl mat has truly been the perfect fit for my messy, busy family. We don't have the time to look after and clean a regular ol' rug; we are too busy doing life. And I'd much rather enjoy all the beautiful and messy life moments than worry about a rug. That being said, the look and feel of our home is so important to me and I love that I don't have to sacrifice style for function in this space. Choosing a vinyl mat has kept our daily life simple, yet beautiful!

As part of this collaboration with V-Mat, I got to make a little video demonstrating how awesome their mats really are. If you have any doubts about how easy they are to clean, watch below because we put this thing through the wringer!!

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