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Ways To Style A White Sweater

The white cable knit sweater. A staple throughout fall fashion history and solidified in popularity by stars such as Billy Crystal and Chris Evans.

Whatever you're dressing for, you really can't go wrong with a white sweater. The best part about this timeless piece is that there are countless ways to style it! Scroll through for ideas on how to wear this cold-weather classic.

Display an eclectic collection of pins across the front of your sweater for a unique and unexpected twist.

Throw on a blazer, fitted or oversized, for an instantly put-together look.

Play around with patterned layers. This is also a perfect way to wear subtle holiday colors as Christmas gets closer.

Keep it classic with white or cream trousers and a cute shoe.

Pair with a flowy skirt and belt.

Every piece featured in this article was thrifted including the sweater which I can't wait to style a hundred different ways this fall and winter. What's your favorite way to wear a classic white sweater?


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