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Weekend Thrift Haul

I scored big at the thrift store this weekend! We stopped by to drop off a bunch of donations from my new year purge and decided to peek around inside. I'm glad we did because I found LOTS of pretty home things and some great brands. Let me show you what I got and how I plan to use it.

We'll start with the most obvious piece and one I'm very proud of: a very large, very heavy Ballard Designs distressed vase. I've had the best luck finding pottery, bowls, and vases lately. This one isn't old, it's marked 2018, but it was a steal at $10 and I know I'll get a lot of use out of it around my home.

Another pottery piece I picked up was this green dish. I don't have a place in mind for it yet and thought it was priced a little too high, but I really liked it so I got it anyway. I'm sure I'll find the perfect use for it soon!

I found several gorgeous blue dishes during this trip. A vintage floral plate, a gorgeous Japanese bowl that catches the light beautifully, and a set of scenic mugs.

Another find I'm very proud of is this MacKenzie-Childs soap dish that I bought for $1.75. I was already excited to have found some MacKenzie-Childs, but when I saw that price tag it went straight into the cart! I think this would be a really cute piece in either of my bathrooms OR my kitchen and haven't decided where I'll put it yet.

I also grabbed this floral planter box. I loved the pink, green, and cream color scheme and it had a very French look which I'm trying to bring more of into my home.

My last find for this haul is a mirrored vanity tray. I'm pretty positive it's vintage judging from the look of the bottom, but it's in such good condition that I'm really not sure. Either way, I think it's really pretty and will be the perfect addition to a vanity or desk.

I love a color-coordinated haul and I think I found some great pieces. I'm really glad we made a run to the thrift store this weekend and can't wait to find places for all my finds!

Do you have a favorite from this haul? Leave a comment and let me know!


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